The Fête de l’anim’ changes the formula!

In 2018, the Fête de l’anim’ evolves and separates in two parts:

• A time dedicated to video mapping in March (Video Mapping Festival),
in order to focus on this emerging form which is growing significantly, already present in the Fête de l’anim’ for a few years.
The Video Mapping Festival will be the flagship event of the Video Mapping European Center, a project launched last September by the association Rencontres Audiovisuelles. It will offer content for the general public, as well as for professionals and European animation and video game schools students.

• A time dedicated to animation in December (new version of the Fête de l’anim’!),
with content aimed at the general public: projections of short and feature films, Children’s Village etc. The Animation Night, programmed in September for a few years, will also be reinstated to this event.

Video Mapping Festival #1
March > August 2018
Hauts-de-France Region

• Opening week-end in Lille on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March
– Video mapping tour in the city on March 23rd : different forms of video mapping (monument, object, performance, video game…), to discover self-paced in about 15 places – including the traditional video mapping on the Opera House.
– Making-of, masterclasses and meetings with international artists coming from the video mapping field.

• Events in a dozen cities in the Region from April to August
Béthune (Labanque) / April 6th and 7th
Gosnay (Chartreuse des Dames) / April 13th and 14th
Albert (Basilica) / from April 21st to 28th
Denain (video mapping tour in the city) / May

• Participative workshops around video mapping from January to April,
with inhabitants of the different territories hosting the Festival.

• Content dedicated to professionals and students
– Creative challenges / from March 17th to 24th (Arenberg Creative Mine)
For international animation and video game students and professionals.
4 workshops proposed: Monument / live show / object / video game.
Screening of their work during the opening week-end.

– Professional seminary / from March 22nd to 23rd (Arenberg Creative Mine)
2-day seminary dedicated to video mapping, aimed at students and professionals in the image industry, artists, researchers and public collectivities.
Round table, meetings, conferences around the theme of “writing for video mapping” and “video mapping as a tool for public collectivities”, state of play of the research, get-together…



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