From Friday 29th of November 2019 to Sunday 5th of January 2020
Every week, from Thursday to Sunday
5 pm > 10 pm – Loop screening (Thursdays and Sundays)

5 pm > 10:30 pm – Loop screening (Fridays and Saturdays)
Duration : 6.30 min

Grand Casino Brussels Viage
Boulevard Anspach 30
1000 Brussels

Video mapping on the front facade of the Grand Casino Brussels Viage, created by Loom Prod on the occasion of “Plaisirs d’Hiver” and the inauguration of the Grand Casino.

In my Opinion
The Grand Casino Brussels Viage front comes alive! A shining sensory experience, bright and colourful, decomposes and restructures the building to highlight the architecture, combining the beauty of manuscript work with 3D effects. This work is the proof that anything is possible at the Grand Casino Brussels Viage!

Artists : Patrick GRANDI, Lucille JEANNIN, Loan LE HOANG, Simon LEBON –
Sound creation : Géraldine KWIK
Artistic coordination:  : Ludovic BURCZYKOWSKI



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