New Images Careers

Training and support in employment
Aimed at young people aged 18 to 29 (without training, unemployed) wanting to benefit from a training

Rencontres Audiovisuelles association presents the "New Images Careers", a support programme in video mapping creation, technical video mapping or animation. The programme includes theoretical and practical training, job coaching and an internship placement or an immersion in a real work environment.
This training is co-financed by the European Union (FSE+).

A choice of 3 specialities - brochures available in French only:
> Presentation brochure - Mapping creation speciality (4 months)
> Presentation brochure - Animation speciality (4 months)
>Presentation brochure - Technical Mapping Specialty (2 months)

The teaching approach used is resolutely participative, interactive and cooperative. Participants are supervised, advised and guided by one or more instructors, who are also active professionals in the mapping or animation sector.
A computer is provided for each participant.

Participants must live in the Hauts-de-France region, be aged between 18 and 29, be unemployed and not enrolled in an educational establishment or in professional training.

Lille, France

Please note: the duration of the session depends on the speciality you choose.
4 months for the Creative Mapping and Animation specialities 2 months for the Technical Mapping speciality

Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 5 pm.

6 possible sessions (12 young people per session):
. Session 1, from 2nd of October 2023
. Session 2, from 15th of April 2024
. Session 3, from 7th of October 2024
. Session 4, from 14th of April 2025
. Session 5, from 6th of October 2025
. Session 6, from 13th of April 2026

Registration commits the participant to the entire session and cannot be terminated midway through.

The registration fees are supported by the European Union (FSE+).

The registration has to be done 3 weeks minimum before the beginning of one of the sessions.
. Session 1: Friday 22nd of September 2023
. Session 2: Monday 18th of March 2024
. Session 3: Monday 16th of September 2024 *
. Session 4: Monday 10th of March 2025 *
. Session 5: Monday 15th of September 2025 *
. Session 6: Monday 16th of March 2026 *
* Provisional dates

> Complete the application form
> CV (mandatory) and portfolio (optional) to be sent by email only:

Since the number of participants is limited, this phase will first of all allow us to evaluate your motivation and determination to enter this project.
If you are pre-selected, we will then suggest individual interviews with members of our educational team so we can get acquainted with you and evaluate your involvement.

Please note:
This project is part of the European Social Fund + programme for people under 30 who are unemployed, not in education or training. Please check your eligibility for the programme. Please register with the Mission Locale before completing the application form or to the PLIE programme if you are over 25, before completing the registration form.

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