Video Mapping Festival #1
Video Mapping Seminary

Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of March
Arenberg Creative Mine, Wallers-Arenberg

The Video Mapping Festival offers a two-day seminary in Arenberg Creative Mine, dealing with a state of play of the discipline. Round tables, case studies, conferences, technical demonstrations form the pattern of the event, in order to depict video mapping from every angle.


Round table 3: Video mapping and sound creation

Heir of the vjing in the world of electronic music, video mapping shares fraternal bonds with sound creation.
The artists who have assimilated, in particular through film-making, the co-construction sound/image, offer mature and complex creations.
Visual artists and musicians work hand in hand to bring effective and sensory storytelling to the audiences.
Far from being a mere sound packaging, the sound design is a central element of video mapping. From a spectacular to an immersive experience, including 360° writing, let’s focus on this two-headed creation.

. Moderator: Laurent Catala (France), journalist specialised in digital arts and cultures
. Yohann Bernard (France), sound designer at Start-Rec
. Julian Hölscher (Germany), artistic director at Urbanscreen
. Thomas Vaquié (France), musician and composer, notably in AntiVJ

Moderator: Laurent Catala (France), journalist specialised in digital arts and cultures
Journalist specialised in digital arts and cultures, new media, live performances and music, Laurent Catala is particularly interested in interdisciplinary interactions guided by the new technologies and the connections between artistic practices and occupation of the public and urban space. He collaborates with many periodicals like MCD, Étapes, Digitalarti, Archistorm, Mouvement, Trax Magazine, New Noise, Office & Culture, Cité Musique, and has participated in several collective publications (Corps Numériques en Scène, Culture(s) Numérique(s) published by the Arts Centre of Enghien-les-Bains).

Yohann Bernard (France), sound designer at Start-Rec
Sound designer and editor, Yohann Bernard works for several audiovisual media: full-length features, TV series, animation series, as well as radio creation, advertisement, and video mapping.
It is with the sound agency Start-Rec that he creates sound design on numerous video mapping, like Chroma, on the Amiens Cathedral, the 500 years of the Strasbourg Cathedral, the show for the Liberation of Paris on the front facade of the City Hall, the 30 years of the TGV, on the Gare de Lyon, etc.

Julian Hölscher (Germany), artistic director at Urbanscreen
Julian Hölscher is graduated in design at the University of the Arts Bremen. He worked as a graphic designer for the design company De Silva, Das & Partner and later as a freelance graphic and motion designer. In 2012, Julian joined the artist collective Urbanscreen as an art director. He has been realizing numerous international projects such as Centennial Spectacle (2012, Houston), Crystal Cloud (2016, Lyon) and Present Tense (2017, Luxembourg) among others. His work encompasses large-scale video mapping, augmented sculptures and media façade designs.

Thomas Vaquié (France), musician and composer
Musician and composer, Thomas Vaquié dedicates most to music composition, image and sound design in particular for cinema and documentary. He founded Chocolat-Noisette with Jeff Levillain, a post production studio based in Brussels.
Over the last few years he has specialized in sound creation for audiovisual work, collaborating notably with the AntiVJ label artists, the Visual System collective or Tigrelab.
He composed the music for site-specific original pieces such as the Tour des Convoyeurs in Montreal, Songdo City (South Korea’s futurist city project), Hala Stulecia (Poland’s 70m diameter dome), French modern art museum Centre Pompidou Metz, Brussels’ Atomium.


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Organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles and the DeVisu laboratory of the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis, with the support of the European Union, ERDF programme (European Regional Development Fund), Hauts-de-France Region, and Urban Community of La Porte du Hainaut.


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