Title : If I were an Olympic discipline?
Artists : Albane CHAUMET, Libéral MARTIN
Sound Design : Aleksi AUBRY-CARLSON
Location : City Hall
City / Country : Amiens, France
Production background : Production as a part of the Video Mapping Festival 2023
Production : Rencontres Audiovisuelles
Production year : 2023
Screening dates : From 19th to 21st of October 2023
Type : Monument mapping / Outdoor / Frontal / Linear / Ephemeral

Video mapping created by Rencontres Audiovisuelles as part of the Video Mapping Festival #6.

► If I were an Olympic discipline?
We asked this question to a basketball, a tennis racket and many other sporting objects, and the answers were surprising…

Direction: Albane CHAUMET
Animation assistant: Libéral MARTIN
Original music: Aleksi AUBRY-CARLSON
With the voices of: Hubert, Fabian, Agnès, Claire, Arnaud, Maud, Éléonore, Louis, Michelle, André, Stéphanie, Constance, Paul, Justine, Manon, Anne

With the support of the Hauts-de-France Region, DRAC Hauts-de-France, Amiens Métropole and Département de la Somme.
In collaboration with IC.ON.IC, Festival d’arts visuels d’Amiens Métropole.

More info: videomappingfestival.com
Facebook: Video Mapping Festival


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