Friday 7th of April 2023
Palace of Fine Arts, Lille

Rencontres Audiovisuelles launched a call for participation in November 2022, open to international submissions, to professionals and students in cinema, animation, digital arts, graphic design, video games, etc. The candidates were selected based on application files and presented their work on the facade of the Palace of Fine Arts on the occasion of the Lille video mapping tour offered as part of the Video Mapping Festival #6.

A Jury composed of mapping professionals nominated a Grand Prize, a Jury Special Mention, and the public was invited to choose an Audience Prize thourgh an SMS vote.
The 2 winners will receive a grant to propose a creation, one of 5 000€ from iMapp Bucharest for a creation for the 2023 edition of the festival, the other of 4 000€ from Christie for a creation for the Lyon Festival of Lights 2023.



Concurrent n°6:


BAZARNAÜM 493 is a graphic tale about the relationship between silence and noise, stability and dynamism, established order and avant-garde. We meet a face, the king of silence, who commands and watches over a space – the Palace of Fine Arts – by playing a small show. But when he falls asleep, his space becomes the scene of a carnival: a procession composed of a colorful fauna and flora invades the Palace, feasting on wild rhythms.
Waking up with a start, he tries to chase away the troublemakers. But the carnival people have not said their last word…

Direction: Simon Lazarus (France)
Original music: Joséphine Hurtut



Concurrent n°5:
Invisible to the naked eye


Some scientific discoveries invisible to the naked eye stimulate the imagination. Through the movement of visual and sound effects, this mapping is an invitation to travel through the building’s material. A dive from space to the particle, from reality to abstraction, in which the different architectural elements are anchored.

Direction: Néon Minuit (Dorian Rigal, Léon Denise), Jérémy Oury (France)
Original music: Jérémy Oury



Concurrent n°4:
Raben mutter


A journey of a young mother, fighting with obstacles in search of an individual way of life, mental health and love for herself and her children.

Direction: Anna Mahendra, Camilo Colmenares (Allemagne)
Original music: Camilo Colmenares




Video Mapping Contest pre-selection Jury:
Marko Bolković – director, VISUALIA Festival Pula (Croatia)
• Susie lou Chetcuti – artist, Rencontres Audiovisuelles (France)
• Julian Hölscher – designer, art director, media artist (Germany)
• Filip Roca – artist (Spain, Montenegro)
• Robert Seidel – artist, Studio Robert Seidel (Germany)

Video Mapping Contest Jury:
Franck Dion – director (France)
• Teresa Mar – light artist (Austria)
• Julien Pavillard – director of events and animation for the City of Lyon and general coordinator of the Lyon Festival of Lights (France)
• Julia Shamsheieva – digital artist (Ukraine)
• Robert Sochacki – PhD, academic lecturer and curator, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, NOKS collective (Poland)

The prizes are designed by and 3D printed by Future Campus Ruhr.




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