From Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th of December 2022 – 8 pm > 12 am
Sunday 11th of December 2022 – 6 pm > 10 pm
Loop screening
Total duration: approx. 10 min

Saint-Paul Station
11 bis Place Saint-Paul
69005 Lyon

At the invitation of the Lyon Festival of Lights, Rencontres Audiovisuelles / Video Mapping European Center propose 4 creations on the facade of the Saint-Paul Station, on the theme of travel, produced as part of a creative residency supervised by the artist Romain Tardy.

Financed by SNCF Voyageurs & Keolis.
With the support of the Hauts-de-France Region.

As part of the Lyon Festival of Lights 2022
From 8th to 11th of December 2022

Time passes slowly in this waiting room, but we won’t be getting bored! Just like the traboules, Lyon’s network of secret passageways, our imagination loses its way in the nooks and crannies of the station. We are swept along: one foot in reality, the other in the subconscious, as the artist leads us down a corridor to a parallel universe. A stationary journey which transforms Saint-Paul Railway Station into a fantastically surreal artwork. Modelling clay to represent the real world, 2D and 3D virtual animations for the fantasy world: this piece invites us to settle down in our (virtual!) seats and let our minds wander through the fertile lands of our imagination.

Direction and animation: Stéphanie LÉONARD
Music and sound design: Géraldine KWIK

What if we looked at the flora around Lyon as though seeing it for the first time? “We don’t spend enough time observing the plants in the Lyon region! But once we get closer, we discover how beautiful and complex they are… These plants are worth protecting”, – artist Cindy Lo. She takes the plants on the Massif Central botanical conservatory’s list of protected species and makes them the stars of the show: the beautiful facade of the Saint-Paul station is transformed before our very eyes. Let’s rally all of our senses and revel in this multicoloured, verdant choreography!

Direction and animation: Cindy LO
Music and sound design: Géraldine KWIK

We are plunged into a world of pure abstraction, winding our way through a labyrinth of mysterious ideas in the middle of a bustling city… One question leads to another, until the ground seems to buckle beneath our feet. Some guidance from the artist on how to navigate her world: “If the ground has disappeared, there’s nothing for it but to float, to enjoy the sensation of flying, the absence of gravity, and look through the lens of insubstantial images”. It is about destination, time, the feeling of eternity, fear of the end… With his unique concept, this uncompromising artist creates an immersive experience that leaves space for every member of the audience to find their own questions and connections. 

Direction and animation: Kateryna PITS
Music and sound design: Géraldine KWIK

Franck Dion’s video mapping project is a poetic reminder of otherness. The facade of the station is transformed into a theatrical backdrop for encounters between travellers, passers-by, and motionless figures. This is a projection in the style of a live performance, where fugitive silhouettes and fleeting thoughts take to the stage. These travellers move in worlds where people cross paths or pass by without seeing, size each other up, share a smile, and sometimes collide. We follow these travellers’ every step…

Direction and animation: Franck DION
Music and sound design: Erick BEJARANO



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