In September 2015, about 30 students from all over Europe came to Lille to participate to a 7 days workshop on video mapping. With a background in animation and graphic design they learnt how to cooperate with each other to create video mapping installations.
Everyday objects lent by people from Lille were turned into art pieces and “mapped” by these students. Through the exhibition of their creations, they imagined a museum of the future bearing testimony of the life of Lille inhabitants in 2015… an unusual and futuristic experience!

The workshop and the video mapping exhibition were the first two activities of the Euranim project. The event was an opportunity to launch the activities of the three years to come that will be filled with collaborations and exchanges between schools, students and young professionals working on video mapping in Europe.

Workshop: Monday 7th > Monday 14th of September 2015
Exhibition: Monday 14th > Saturday 26th of September 2015
Opening: Monday 14th September 2015 from 7pm in L’hybride as part of the opening of the 15th International Short Film Festival in Lille

Training staff
Samy Barras, Ludovic Burczykowski, Tamás Zádor

Creative teams
ASP – Katowice (Poland)
Bartłomiej Leszek
Irmina Tota
Mateusz Trytek

Leeds Beckett University – Leeds (United Kingdom)
Josh Seelan
Cahyle Smith

College of Art – Leeds (United Kingdom)
Oscar Barany

ECV – Lille (France)
Antoine Dhont
Joseph Loche

Ésaat – Roubaix (France)
Camille Lonchampt
Juliette Paquet

Howest – Courtrai (Belgium)
Mathias Aerts
Bert Steyaert

KASK – Gand (Belgium)
Jasmijn Cedee
Felix Dhuys
Hannes Legrand
Jef Staut
Liene Straupe

MOME – Budapest (Hungary)
Daniel Cseh
Mira Zeno

Plymouth College of Art – Plymouth (United Kingdom)
Tim Franklin
Tom Callis

The Animation Workshop – Viborg (Denmark)
Leonard Bismuth
Isak Howalt Owe

Turku University of Applied Sciences – Turku (Finland)
Mika Kosinen
Heta Okkonen

Works produced:
> NES – Mysteerinen esine menneisyydestä
Léonard Bismuth (Fr) / Mika Koskinen (Fi) / Camille Lonchampt (Fr) / Josh Seelan (Uk)
> The Renaissance of the bidet
Antoine Dhondt (Fr) / Zénó Mira (Hu) / Heta Okkonen (Fi) / Mateusz Trytek (Pl)
> Tempus Fugit
Mathias Aert (Be) / Juliette Paquet (Fr) / Cahyle Smith (Uk) / Bert Steyaert (Be) / Irmina Tota (Pl)
> guitar
Jasmijn Cedee (Be) / Isak Howalt Owe (Dk) / Bartlomiej Leszek (Pl) / Joseph Loche (Fr)
> Past Lights
Oscar Barany / Thomas Callis / Timothy Franklin (Uk)
> Buste de Flore
Samy Barras / Ludovic Burczykowski / Maud Sertour (Fr)

In the framework of the European Heritage day celebrations in line with the national theme “Heritage of the 21st Century, a history of the future”.
With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the City of Lille and the Nord-Pas de Calais Region.


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