Artist : Momoko SETO
Sound Design : Frédéric DUZAN
Location : Lille Flandres Train Station
City / Country : Lille, France
Production background : Creation residency as part of the Video Mapping Festival 2019
Production : Rencontres Audiovisuelles / DeVisu Laboratory - UPHF
Production year : 2019
Screening date : 29th of March 2019 (Opening night of the Video Mapping Festival 2019)
Type : Monument video mapping / Outdoor / Frontal / Linear / Ephemeral

Video mapping on the facade of the Lille Flandres Train Station created by Momoko SETO (Japan) during a creation residency at Arenberg Creative Mine, as part of the Video Mapping Festival #2.

On the night of 29th of March, the Lille Flandres Train Station will be transformed into a gigantic vivarium. A colourful African beetle, a snail, or mushrooms, all of enormous size, will appear as monsters trapped in the empty station. Each in their own way, they will each seek a way out of this industrial environment.

Creatio: Momoko SETO – www.setomomoko.org
Image: Momoko SETO, Élie LÈVE
Special effects: Alexandru MANEA, Mihai GRECU
Sound design: Frédéric DUZAN
Artistic support: Ludovic BURCZYKOWSKI

All info: videomappingfestival.com



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