How does video mapping fall within the field of animation movie writing?

1st of April 2017 – L’hybride, Lille

Mo Assem, Creative director at Mr. Beam (The Netherlands)
Ludovic Burczykowski, researcher and mapping artist (France)
Sébastien Denis, lecturer specialised in animation cinema (France)
Domenico Spano, multimedia director, founder of Jimundi (France)
Maxime Thiébault, researcher and digital plastic artist (France)

Marie-Anne Fontenier, founder of Supinfocom school, chairwoman of La NEF Animation, member of the Executive Board of Rencontres Audiovisuelles’s association

Organised by Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles in partnership with La NEF Animation (New Writings for Animation Movie), as part of Fête de l’anim 2017.



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